Out of Working Order

To all my readers, friends, fellow bloggers, this is a brief post to let you know that I am taking a week off from blogging. I declare this the start of a blog-free vacation!


While I won’t be swinging in a hammock or looking out over pristine blue waters, I do hope to chill out and read a book and work on a WIP or some original pieces.

I’ve been going at things pretty hot and heavy the past few weeks, and need a little break. Or, if you will, a time to recharge my batteries. For the past several days, I’ve looked at my monitor and have just drawn a blank. No energy, and no will to write.

And that is when it occurred to me:  my brain is out of order!


When writing becomes a chore, when blogging becomes a duty instead of a pleasure, and when one dreads to open up the laptop, I think it is time for a little break.  I think a week off from blogging responsibilities, responding to challenges, and reading other blogs will do me good.

Sometimes you just need to regroup.

I’m not sure if any of you have experienced this or not. I certainly never expected to feel the need for a brief break, but there you have it.

I want to come to the laptop re-energized and again ready to tackle things with enthusiasm. That’s what vacations are for, right? You work hard for long periods of time, and then you need to take a holiday and give your routine a break. You need a change in scenery. In short: you need to get away – even if it is only mentally. Otherwise, you experience burnout.


So, I’m off for the next week on a mental vacation. But I couldn’t go without first saying goodbye.

I’ll be back next week, and ready and eager to communicate with everyone again and spin a tale or two. Until then, friends, have a lovely week!

See You Next Week!

See You Next Week!

About Kate Loveton

Aspiring novelist. Avid reader of fiction. Reviewer of books. By day, my undercover identity is that of meek, mild-mannered legal assistant, Kate Loveton, working in the confines of a stuffy corporate law office; by night, however, I'm a super hero: Kate Loveton, Aspiring Novelist and Spinner of Tales. My favorite words are 'Once upon a time... ' Won't you join me on my journey as I attempt to turn a hobby into something more?
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32 Responses to Out of Working Order

  1. Refresh and come back refreshed!

  2. Enjoy yourself and make sure to relax 😀

  3. Hatter says:

    Reblogged this on Hats at theShop and commented:
    Now that’s worth a Reblog . Good time for a holiday.

  4. stacilys says:

    Have a great vacation Kate. I’m sure you’ll return to us with new vigor and creativity. I love that: “Out of order”.

  5. I echo the sentiments already expressed by other fellow bloggers and I know that this brief respite from blogging will help you come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I know how hard you work and you more than deserve a break from so many commitments.

    I hope you have a lovely week of reading, relaxing and indulging in a margarita or two. Put one on ice for me, won’t you? 🙂

  6. Adan Ramie says:

    A vacation? What’s that?

    But, seriously, enjoy the break. Soak up some words. Immerse yourself in your (other) writing. I’d also recommend some hot tea.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us after the break.

  7. Relax, rest, and think of nothing else other than having a great time!

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Hi Noelle, it was a nice ‘mental’ vacation. My mind was in the Caribbean; my body was not! 😀 In November, my body will be in the Caribbean, though – looking forward to that!

  8. Take care of yourself and enjoy the vacation! I pushed myself hard enough I had 2 bad cases of burnout in the past year, so being able to take the vacation is important! 🙂

  9. You have amazing imagination, energy and output. Enjoy your break. You have earnt it.

  10. Enjoy. I know the feeling(s). ❤

  11. willow1945 says:

    Rest, regroup, renew, relax, and come back when you’re refreshed and rarin’ to go 🙂

  12. Lucy says:

    I’ll miss you. May I still email you? I won’t even mention blogging. Of course, if this post is just fiction, then it’s good. Well done. Lucy

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Well, I missed you! Thanks for the emails, Lucy; hope you received my response. I think I have a few of your stories flagged to catch up with. I look forward to doing so.

  13. Mark Baron says:

    I won’t say that I won’t miss you – you are undeniably one of my favorite bloggers – but I totally understand and I hope you have a fantastic holiday from blog land. So long as you come back. 😉

  14. Hope you have a great – and refreshing – mental vacation! ♥

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