Wednesday Whine: The Brick Wall

images (7)Perhaps it is the winter blues…

This has been a particularly brutal winter in terms of temperatures. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven to work and watched the temperature gauge dip below zero. Nice to know my car’s thermometer can convey temperatures in the negative range. Who knew? Brrrr!

I’m sorry to say that even as I write this post, snow is coming down. Again. This is overkill. Seriously. I don’t live in Minnesota. I don’t live in Boston. I don’t live in Nome, Alaska. So… what gives? It makes me grumpy. How grumpy? Even my dachshunds have taken to watching the weather channel. As soon as the ugly word SNOW pops up on the screen, they run and hide behind the sofa in hopes of escaping Mom’s wintry meltdown.

credit: Dachshund Friendship Club

credit: Dachshund Friendship Club

What does this photo have to do with frightened dachshunds? Not a darned thing… but it makes me smile. I could do with a smile. What about you? But I digress…

Perhaps it is the nasty flu that took me down almost two weeks ago…

After missing three days of work, and alternating periods of sleep with watching episodes of The Walking Dead, I managed to drag my poor body out the door and back to work – but a week and a half later, I’m still tired and still dragging.

Credit: The Walking Dead

Credit: The Walking Dead

As an aside, I will tell you that there is something singularly comforting about watching a show such as The Walking Dead when you’re sick. It’s strangely heartening to see television stars walking around in various stages of physical decay; at least you look better than them, even if your mirror has a tendency to crack when you appear in front of it.

Perhaps it is just that I’ve hit a dry spell and need a break…

Various story ideas have been floating around my head and I haven’t had the urge to do much more than make a quick note in my composition book with the promise that I’ll go back to them later.

Last night I went to bed at 7:30 p.m., and didn’t get up until 6:30 a.m. That’s a lot of sleep for me. I think it’s a lot of sleep even for Rip Van Winkle. But I think I must have needed it. I actually feel pretty rested this morning. And energized! At least enough so that I’m updating my blog.

By and large, though, I think I’ve hit a brick wall.

Credit: ic3academy

Credit: ic3academy

I cannot concentrate on writing, and I certainly haven’t been able to concentrate on blogging. I watch the post notifications of bloggers I follow pile up in my email. It just makes me more tired.

I’m hoping this malaise will soon pass.

So, now that I’ve whined sufficiently, I’d like to mention a couple of positive things:

frontcoverMy pal and one of my favorite writers, Noelle Granger, is releasing her second book in the Rhe Brewster Mystery Series on March 2nd. Rhe Brewster is an engaging character who always manages to get herself involved in all sorts of dangerous adventures – much to the alarm and unhappiness of her husband. Noelle charmed readers with her first book in the series, and I’ve no doubt the second one will be just as special. The new book, Death in a Dacron Sail, is sure to be a winner. On March 2nd, you are going to want to look for it on Amazon. You will also want to check Noelle’s blog out (here) for more news on Rhe Brewster.

To whet your appetite, I’m providing a link to an interview that Noelle recently gave to Chapel Hill Magazine (here) in which she discusses her new book.

I am also pleased to tell you that I will be reviewing Death in a Dacron Sail so I hope you’ll check my blog out in the next week or two for my review.

I recently discovered Victor Dolore’s blog, Behind The White Coat. A female doctor, Victo Dolore writes the most interesting blog posts about the practice of medicine. The posts are brief, fascinating, and always engaging. She has been ‘freshly pressed’ – and you’ll quickly understand why. Besides writing great posts, she shares her photography on the site, and those photographs are  something special. As an added plus, I recently discovered she maintains a second blog devoted to writing Victorian era literature (here). Do take a moment to check out Behind The White Coat. I guarantee you will find yourself following her blog with great enthusiasm.

I mentioned feeling lately like I’ve hit a brick wall. One thing that cheers me when I’m feeling lethargic is humor. Heather B Costa is always good at making me laugh – just when I need a smile, she steps up to the plate. Her recent post on men and automobiles made me grin, and I’m linking to it here. I told Heather how much the post made me laugh – and asked her if she’d be willing to write a guest post for me on the benefits of humor. She agreed, and at some point in the near future, Heather will be filling in for me with a post on that topic.dc8d3567089df70fdbff7eb984685cff

Well, that’s it for this week, folks. A lot of whining and a few recommendations to cheer and entertain you during the rest of this long, cold winter.

Now, I think I’ll fix myself a hearty cup of coffee, gaze outside my window at the falling snow, and offer up a few prayers that winter will soon be behind me… as well as the brick wall. Cheers!

About Kate Loveton

Aspiring novelist. Avid reader of fiction. Reviewer of books. By day, my undercover identity is that of meek, mild-mannered legal assistant, Kate Loveton, working in the confines of a stuffy corporate law office; by night, however, I'm a super hero: Kate Loveton, Aspiring Novelist and Spinner of Tales. My favorite words are 'Once upon a time... ' Won't you join me on my journey as I attempt to turn a hobby into something more?
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46 Responses to Wednesday Whine: The Brick Wall

  1. cchanglife says:

    Love how you are so real.

  2. I am thinking it’s easy to get the winter blues right now. Take care!

  3. Julia Lund says:

    Sending good wishes for a full recovery – don’t underestimate the time that may take. And as for your writing hiatus, that too will pass and you’ll be back writing your wonderful stories with refreshed vigour.

  4. I know how much the flu took out of you Kate and I am so glad that you’re now feeling a bit better. Just remember to take things easy, ok? 🙂

    I am also glad to hear that my humour helped to pick you up a little and make you smile. I think I would pretty much do anything if it served to bring a smile to your face.

    I am working on that post I promised you and I am delighted that you asked me to guest on your blog again ❤

  5. It’s a good thing I pushed back our project a week. =) So glad you slept like that, K. You obviously needed to. Be gentle with yourself in the fierce cold (or pack for a getaway to sunny CA !).

  6. Gosh, for someone who’s recovering from the flu and hitting a ‘brick wall,’ this post was full of lovely ideas/thoughts. I will hit the links of the blogs you suggest – they look really great. AND congrats to your author friend Noelle Granger. She’s so fortunate to have you as a publicist/friend. 🙂 I hope you’re feeling chippier now and back to normal. Living in Boston with another fresh 3 inches of snow on the ground from last night, I’m trying to stay chipper as I chip away at my next book.

  7. The brick wall is the creative equivalent of having the flue. It’s your mind’s way of telling you to relax and stop thinking for a while. Just like the flue, it will mysteriously disappear and the creative juices will start to flow again.

  8. Deb says:

    Really? What’s up with this messed up winter?! Last year was bad enough!! Mother Nature better come through with a beautiful spring and wonderful summer this year or face severe penalties!! 😀 it’s not nice, Mother Nature!

  9. W. K. Tucker says:

    So sorry to hear you came down with the flu, Kate. I’ve had it a couple of times, and it took me about a month to get back to my old self.
    And as far as sort of hitting a brick wall re your writing, it happens to all of us from time to time, regardless of the weather–ups and downs, ebbs and flows. Rest up and read a few good books. 🙂

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Hi Kathy! Yeah, that flu mowed me down. But I am feeling much better now. Yesterday, we had a full day of sunshine, and I went shopping! Is there anything better to restore a gal’s spirits? (I know what you’re thinking: ‘Yeah, a book deal!’ *grin*)

      Alas, it is snowing again today – and it is supposed to do so all day. A perfect day, I guess, to get some reading and other chores done, until Mr. Sun returns again. 🙂

      • W. K. Tucker says:

        I’m happy you’re doing better, Kate. Snow and ice for the last three days here too. I’m so ready for spring.

  10. Glynis Jolly says:

    Kate, I think the weather has been hard all over. In Australia they’re having cyclones. I have a feeling that weather in general is going to be more extreme for a number of years. Yes, I heard you — YUCK!

    You may have Seasonal Depression. It’s more common than you might think. In my home, we try not to use the electricity just because every penny counts. However, when I’m hit with the winter blahs, I turn on lights all over the house. And it does work for me. I had to make a choice between money in the pocket and better mental health. I chose the latter. 😛

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Hi Glynis, I think you’re correct about the weather. Don’t you hate being right in this instance? 😀

      You may be right about seasonal blues. We do keep lights on in the evening. My house is pretty bright during the day… but it is the sameness of the bad weather that gets to you after a time. Next Sunday is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time here on the East Coast, and I cannot wait. It is a psychological sign of the impending return of spring!

  11. I’m so glad you wrote this–misery loves company. 🙂 I’m glad you’re over the flu–but at least its a good excuse for your funk. I think snow shoveling has somehow fried my brain. I hear next week there will be one 40 degree day. I am so excited!

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Gosh, anything above 30 degrees sounds downright balmy after the last couple of weeks. It is 19 degrees as I write this, and we anticipate a high of 24 degrees… it is gray and it is snowing. Bah humbug! I am dreaming of palm trees and bright blue waters and Caribbean moonlight! As Captain Picard used to say, ‘Make it so!’ Ah, if only I could!

      Hope you enjoyed that 40 degree day! 😀

  12. willow1945 says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, and that the weather WARMS UP!!

  13. Enjoyable read, Kate and nice that you mention Noelle – Good Luck to her new book.
    i don’t envy you the consolation to you.
    Stay warm.

    Big Hugs


    • Kate Loveton says:

      Noelle’s a wonderful mystery writer, and it’s always a pleasure to mention what she’s working on. I can’t wait to see what trouble Rhe Brewster gets into this time.

      I am doing my best to stay warm, John: soft, thick sweaters and hearty cups of coffee! So far, it’s working. 🙂

  14. noelleg44 says:

    Aw, Kate, thanks for the shout out for my book. You’re so nice to do that!
    I have been suffering the same dumps myself. Too many days inside with cold and ice and now eight inches of snow. Sleep cures all, and it seems to have done that for you, hooray!
    The picture of the dachshund and Snoop Dog was hilarious – I’ve often thought he looks like SOMEthing but couldn’t figure it out.

    • Kate Loveton says:

      It’s a pleasure to give a shout out for your book! You know what a fan I am. 🙂

      I loved the Snoop Dog photo when I saw it. Both he and the dachshund are packing some powerful attitude! 😀 😀

  15. MRS N, the Author says:

    I can totally relate, Kate! I was down in the dumps with the Winter Blued hovering over me last week. I couldn’t get any thoughts or so forth down on paper. It sounds to me like you need to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. You’re run down and it’s perfectly alright to take a break. I did and I even tried something new. I’m writing flash fiction and short stories.

    Sunday is March first and then (hopefully) spring will be along in a week or so. Fingers and toes crossed, at least. 🙂

    Take care of yourself and I look forward to more blog posts/writing from you. You’re always a bright spot in my email. 🙂

    • Kate Loveton says:

      What a nice thing to say! Thank you! ❤

      I managed to rejuvenate my mind, body and soul yesterday by getting my hair cut and colored, a manicure, a makeover – and then purchasing a few new items of clothing, shoes and a new perfume!

      Based on the amount of my store receipts, my husband will be happy when spring returns! 😀

  16. I can certainly relate to the winter blues you’re experiencing, Kate. For me, the lack of sunshine correlates with my motivation to write. Here’s to the anticipation of the arrival of Spring. By the way, I’m jealous you were able to get so much sleep. 🙂

    • Kate Loveton says:

      I rarely get that much sleep, Jill. I’m usually a night owl because that seems to be the only time I can get any writing, blogging or reading done. I think my body was telling me it was time to get caught up on my sleep debt. I’ve felt much better for it.

      Next Sunday is the start of Daylight Savings Time on the East Coast. That does a lot for my mood… tells me spring is on its way! 🙂

  17. sknicholls says:

    We’ve missed you. Keep the composition book handy. Prayers that winter passes soon and you’re back in the saddle.

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Thanks, Susan! I envy you in sunny Florida, although I’ve heard you’ve experienced a few days of chilling cold this winter. It’s lovely that today is March 1st! I always feel better once January and February are behind us. 🙂

  18. andy1076 says:

    Keep your chin up! it won’t be long before summer is here and we kick winter out 🙂

  19. Mark Gardner says:

    I’ve been battling my own funk. I started rewriting the vomit draft of 16Sunsets this week with help from a few very talented people – that seemed to pick my spirits right up.

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Glad rewriting 16 Sunsets picked you up, Mark. I need to get ‘back in the saddle’ and stop procrastinating… and letting other things get in the way of my writing. The only way to get over a brick wall is to scale it, one leg up at a time. I think I need to get my butt in gear and start scaling! 😀

  20. Hope you’re back to 100% soon. Stay warm!

  21. Victo Dolore says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the mention and the kind words! ((Hugs))

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