You’ll Thank Me


Slowly, my eyes open.

He doesn’t look up.  He’s painting my toenails.

Telling me I’m beautiful, that my figure makes his heart melt, he says I’m just about perfect. Or would be but for my feet, which are big and flat.

Peasant feet, he says.

He should know. Stanley’s a podiatrist. He has standards.

He surprised me this morning, quickly, violently, administering the narcotic.

Now I watch as he carefully paints each small, perfect toe.

The scars around your ankles, he says, will fade.

I can’t speak.  Tears fall.

But my poor old feet!

You’ll thank me, he says, not looking up.

© All Rights Reserved Kate Loveton and Odyssey of a Novice Writer


Word count: 100

Note: Story written in response to the ‘100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups’ sponsored on Julia’s Place (Julia Skinner). The prompt was ‘but my poor old feet.’

About Kate Loveton

Aspiring novelist. Avid reader of fiction. Reviewer of books. By day, my undercover identity is that of meek, mild-mannered legal assistant, Kate Loveton, working in the confines of a stuffy corporate law office; by night, however, I'm a super hero: Kate Loveton, Aspiring Novelist and Spinner of Tales. My favorite words are 'Once upon a time... ' Won't you join me on my journey as I attempt to turn a hobby into something more?
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44 Responses to You’ll Thank Me

  1. I don’t like this man in her life. He loves her not, only the perfection he creates for his own satisfaction and without permission. Nasty.
    This story’s meaning sneaked up on me. Oh you are a clever one, Kate. Love this.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Hi Tess, yep – he is a nasty one. She just wasn’t perfect enough! I’m glad you liked the story so much! 🙂 Sometimes, I like to get my feet wet in a weird puddle or two – and this is what happens. 😀 (Get it? Feet wet? What a pathetic attempt at humor! Blame it on the Cabernet! (Which was quite tasty, by the way.)) ❤

  2. jan says:

    Oh my golly – what is he going to do? Just paint her fingernails – or something more sinister!

  3. Glynis Jolly says:

    My feet are flat and squared off at the toes. I’m told they’re the feet of an Indian (Native American) For feet, I don’t think they look too bad.

  4. belindacrane says:

    My toes hid while I read this! Love it! 🙂

  5. You really do pack a punch, Kate. This is just lovely.

  6. Oh my word! 🙂

    Super-creepy tale that has left my feet feeling decidedly unnerved…

    Great work as always! ❤

  7. Cassandra says:

    {{{SHUDDDDDER!!!!!}}} And yet I’m cracking up….in light of my post last week on painting toenails. I went into reading this thinking it was like that. LOL.

    Creeeeeeepy one Kate! Good job!

    • Kate Loveton says:

      That’s right, you did write a post about painting toenails. Yours was much nicer than mine, though… no one switched out your feet! 😀 😀 Of course, your husband isn’t Stanley the Podiatrist…

  8. Yikes! I think I’ll forgo the sandals and put on some closed toe shoes now.

  9. meditorlibre says:

    This was really good, although its made my feet feel strange…

  10. Julia Lund says:

    Quick, sharp and under-statedly gruesome.. I didn’t see the blade coming, just felt it as the meaning sliced my understanding. I’m still curling my shuddering toes. Great job 🙂

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Everyone is definitely experiencing some concerns about their toes and feet after reading this odd piece of flash fiction. 😀 My work here is done! 😀 😀 Thanks for the kind words, Julia.

  11. This one unfolded particularly well, Kate. Even from the start. My goodness, the acrobatics of your imagination! (And I could relate. My feet could be prettier. LOL.)

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Mine could be prettier as well. While I’d like dainty little toes, I think I’ll keep my more ungainly ones, thank you very much! 😀 I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to write about when I saw that prompt… but then I got this visual of Weird Stanley, the Psychotic Podiatrist!

      My mind often turns toward the dark (yes, I’m not sure what that says about me either). Two weeks ago, my sister and I were riding downtown and went past a market where there was a huge sign: ‘Butcher on Premises.’

      My mind went into overdrive. What a great title for a story… and it wouldn’t have much to do with steaks and pork chops…

      Oh my!

  12. Oh I had to read that one twice, then I suddenly realised! You are an evil woman. LOL. By the way, ya’ wanna’ see my bunion surgery photos??? There must be a reason I took them 🙂

  13. He meant well, bless him.

  14. maspring37 says:

    Oh No, I’m left with the most awful visions. Your word pictures are great.

  15. That hit the nail on the head

  16. Mark Gardner says:

    Extra creepy! Yay!

  17. That is an impressive creepy to word ratio! Well done

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