Wednesday Whine: Car Crashes, Batman – and Adam and Eve

It’s Wednesday, so I guess it’s time for me to do a little Wednesday whining. To be fair, though, I really don’t have a lot to whine about – as you’ll soon see.

So, friends, what’s the best way to start out a Monday morning, the beginning of one’s work week? Not with a car crash, that’s for sure! However, that is how I started out the week.

Monday was a brilliantly sunny morning. Imagine yours truly, traveling down a country road, singing harmony with Don Henley and The Eagles:

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place
(Such a lovely place)
Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel California
Any time of year
(Any time of year)
You can find it here…

Coming to a busy intersection, I make a complete stop and look both ways, about to make a left-hand turn. In the split second it takes to make a decision, I make a judgment that an oncoming vehicle has its signal on and the driver is about to make a right turn at the same corner.

Turns out she isn’t.


“Holy jumper cables, Batman! What the heck was that?!” asks a citizen standing nearby, wearing a mask and dressed in red. Batman-and-Robin

“That, Robin, was a motorist making a very poor decision,” says his pointy-eared companion.

“Golly Car Crash, Batman – there goes that citizen’s good driving record!”

“Yes, Robin, unfortunately that is the price we pay when we fail to yield to oncoming traffic. Learn from this woman’s folly, young sir.”


Okay, Batman and Robin weren’t really standing nearby. I made up that part of my tale – in case you couldn’t guess.

So, what really happened is that I ended up having an unwanted, intimate encounter with a big ol’ Chevy Caravan. My car got the worst in the exchange.

Fortunately, the driver of the other vehicle was uninjured. She was up, out of her car, walking around, and making calls on her cell phone to report the accident (as was I). I took a few photos of both our vehicles (and one of my ambulant new friend).

Kate's Baby

Kate’s Baby

I’d never been in a car accident before so it was all quite jarring to me – in more ways than one. While privately moaning about the injury to my baby (my three-year old Sonata), I was saying a grateful prayer that neither the driver of the Chevy nor I was injured. In the end, that is really what’s important – and I’m smart enough to realize that.

Sorting out the insurance situation and arranging for a rental vehicle took up most of my Monday. Fortunately, I was only about a mile and a half from home and was able to get my car back to my driveway and then arrange for its tow to the service shop. The insurance adjustor wrote out a check for $6,300 for the visible damage to my car (thank you, God, for good insurance!). I’m hopeful that there is no hidden damage, but the insurance adjustor said the company would cover any additional repairs if needed.



I will tell you that I have become a super cautious driver as a result of this accident. I have always been an excellent driver so this was a shock to me – an expensive one, at that. Now I am driving like someone’s maiden aunt, constantly checking side mirrors and the large mirror over the windshield. Speed limit? I’m not even exceeding it by five miles. I suppose it will take some time before I take driving for granted again.

It just so happened that Monday was also the day our new back porch furniture was to arrive – so, with the insurance adjustor making an appearance, and later the tow truck, we had quite an eventful Monday. The only thing that didn’t happen was my getting to work that day.

Interestingly (or not, depending on your point of view), what was supposed to be a fully assembled set of patio furniture was delivered last Friday – in two boxes. Two very large boxes that contained small pieces. Lots of small pieces. About a gazillion small pieces – all requiring assembly.


Now, Mr. Loveton and I have our areas of expertise. Putting together furniture does not happen to be one of them. Heck, we have trouble putting together jigsaw puzzles. It is for this reason we were quite explicit about wanting the furniture assembled. We did pay extra for that service. It is our experience that it is worth doing so. “Easily assembled” often turns out to be a buzz phrase for “Sure to make you quite insane and guess what! We’ve failed to include a few screws and bolts just to make it more interesting! Have fun, suckers!”

After several irate calls from the grumpy Mr. Loveton, the store agreed to pick up the boxes and deliver a fully assembled love seat and two motion chairs as well as a table. They now sit on my back porch – the cushions still covered in plastic since I’ve not had the time to uncover them yet. I hope to provide a photo of the porch at some point.

I guess the only other thing of note is that I’m continuing on with my workouts, which consist of a lot of walking and a bit of weight training. It’s hard to find the time to fit this into my schedule, so I often end up taking an hour walk during my lunch break (right at the hottest part of the day!). I’ve managed to lose almost ten pounds, but would like to lose another ten.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Unless you’re a man, that is. Ladies, is this not true? You know it is! Men truly are the superior gender when it comes to weight loss. When they decide to drop a few pounds, they do so much more easily than women. I guess it’s God’s way of evening out the score – after all, men also seem to lose their hair more easily…

In spite of a pretty healthy diet and trying to walk every day, it’s hard to
get that dial on my scale to nudge. Well, to nudge downward – it’s always willing to oblige when it comes to moving upward!

Who knew my metabolism looked like a rabbit?

Who knew my metabolism looked like a rabbit?

I kind of get the feeling that my metabolism decided to leave town about ten years ago. Didn’t leave a goodbye note. Doesn’t even bother to send me a post card from time to time. I have this visual of it standing in the road, wearing a smart-ass look on its face, and trying to thumb a ride. I’d be willing to bet it headed down South… somewhere where the margaritas flow and skinny people sit around in bathing suits. Meanwhile, I’m stuck here – pasty-faced and ten pounds overweight, counting the calories in a small glass of wine.

That’s how I know the theologians are right. We do live in a fallen world. Why else would it be that everything healthy and good for you tastes like cardboard, and everything bad for you tastes delightful?adamneve

Ever since Eve took that bite out of the apple, we women have had to fight the battle of the bulge. Once Eve didn’t have that garden to take care of any longer, she and Adam got the bright idea of creating an industrialized society. You know the sort of society I’m talking about – the kind where you sit on your butt in front of a computer for eight hours a day and munch on Doritos. I’d be willing to bet you dollars to donuts (Oh, yes! Donuts!) that one of Eve’s sons grew up to be a doctor. He probably said to his mom, “You need to exercise more. Maybe start a garden – that’s great exercise… And, hey, mom – ditch the Doritos. Get more fiber in your diet – maybe eat some apples.”

And so we come full circle.

Well, there’s a lot more I could prattle on about – like how I was stuck in traffic this morning for two hours. Two hours! Why? Because of a multi-vehicle crash on the expressway. Did I get upset? Annoyed? Raise my fist and bawl out those careless drivers?

Nope. I just listened to my radio and kept my cool.

After all, motorists who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I’m sure that’s what Batman would say.

Have a great week, everyone – and be careful out on the roads. As they say, accidents do happen.

About Kate Loveton

Aspiring novelist. Avid reader of fiction. Reviewer of books. By day, my undercover identity is that of meek, mild-mannered legal assistant, Kate Loveton, working in the confines of a stuffy corporate law office; by night, however, I'm a super hero: Kate Loveton, Aspiring Novelist and Spinner of Tales. My favorite words are 'Once upon a time... ' Won't you join me on my journey as I attempt to turn a hobby into something more?
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39 Responses to Wednesday Whine: Car Crashes, Batman – and Adam and Eve

  1. Thank goodness your accident was a minor one–relatively speaking. Yes, it was expensive, but no one was injured. Years ago, I learned not to trust another motorist’s signal light. I was behind a car that signaled a left turn, so I was about to go around on the right (yes, I know that driving on the shoulder is illegal, lol) but he turned right instead. I almost hit him. Scared the bejesus out of me. Since that time, I have not budged until I see the car actually beginning to turn.

    As far as weight loss goes, I heard on television a year or so back that as a woman grows older, she would have to vigorously exercise one hour EVERY DAY just to maintain her weight. Our metabolism begins to slow down at around age 50. All my life I was very thin (with no effort on my part) until I hit about 55. Since then, it’s been a battle not get as big as the side of a barn. I feel you pain, sister. 🙂

    • Kate Loveton says:

      An hour every day JUST TO MAINTAIN… oh nooooo! That means 90 minutes, then, to actually LOSE weight. Good grief.

      I may just as well get fat.

      After all, everyone loves a jolly fat lady, right?


      (I was always thin until I reached my fifties. It’s an ugly cosmic joke that the universe plays on women!)

      • I know. It’s like: “She’s no longer fertile, so there’s no need to keep her shape. Put her out to pasture.” lol Men, on the other hand, can keep fit their entire lives with relatively little effort, if they so choose. Maybe because most are still able to father a child. (Biology at play here.)
        My paternal great-grandfather, entered into a second marriage when he was 70 years old–this after his first wife had died–with a girl of 13. He raised a second family, and died when he was a few years over 100. (Not sure of the exact age.)
        We ladies have alway held the short end of the stick. But to our credit, we can hit pretty damn hard with it–if we want to. 😀

  2. I am so glad that you are unhurt after the car accident Kate. I was very worried when you sent photos to me on Monday of the state of your car.

    Congratulations on making a light-hearted post out of what was probably quite a stressful and trying situation! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. YIKES! I’m so glad you were not hurt! I can’t wait to see the furniture photos. 🙂 And by the way, thanks! Now I want some Doritos! :/

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Yum… Doritos! (uh, sorry about that! 😀 )

      You should see my house right now: utter chaos. Half carpeted, half un-carpeted. My dachshunds have been insane this week. They’ve barked themselves into a stupor as Monday we had yard work done, Tuesday we had part of the carpeting put in, Wednesday we had a new floor put in, and tomorrow – the carpet people come back to finish the upstairs.

      The dogs have decided that renovation sucks. 😀 I haven’t the heart to tell them that the downstairs gets done in late July.

  4. sknicholls says:

    Well that close encounter just totally sucks, but it made for a really good story 😉
    Glad nobody was hurt 🙂

  5. Deb says:

    Glad the only damage was to your car and nobody was hurt. You will probably always be very careful when driving by the scene of the accident. It’s been many years since my accident and I still jump when a car comes to an intersection too quickly! My metabolism has hitched a ride out of town and doesn’t plan on returning!

  6. gpeynon says:

    Sorry to hear about your car, but I really enjoyed your post. Glad you’re ok.

  7. noelleg44 says:

    So some good, some not so good. Congratulations on the weight loss! It’s so hard after 25! The car crash, well, I am thankful both you and your daughter are okay. I actually pulled out of an intersection when the car on my left HAD its blinker on to turn left and then didn’t. I missed its side by a fraction of a second, and then the driver gave me the finger. I had both my kids in the car and I took off after the driver. He sped up to dangerous speeds when he saw me following, so I gave up, but not before I saw his signal go off. Hope he felt really ashamed but I doubt it.

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Nice – the driver gives YOU the finger. Go figure.

      Today I was going down the road and the driver behind me was right on my rear bumper. I had to brake (and not suddenly, but gently so she’d have some warning) because a car in front of me decided to abruptly make a turn. So the woman behind me lays her horn on me, and then speeds past my car. The kicker was she had one of those little FISH signs on the back of her car.

      I hope she decides to take up with God her lack of courtesy! 😀

  8. jan says:

    Sorry to hear about the accident! I once “tapped” a tow truck, the damage to my car was amazing (those beasties are solid steel and don’t give an inch!) I ignore the scale and only worry about those extra pounds when my pants feel tight!

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Jan, I know what you mean about ignoring the scale. My trouble is I’ve ignored it a bit too long – and have a slight spare tire around the waist to prove it! 😀

  9. Julia Lund says:

    Glad you were unhurt – the other driver too. Wishing you a better week after a werkend enjoying a couple of glasses of calorie-free wine on your porch (calories don’t count at the weekend 😊 ).

    • Kate Loveton says:

      “Werkend” – I love that! 😀

      Perhaps I’ll have a wine spritzer on the back porch this weekend. Half club soda and half pinot grigio, and some crushed ice. That sounds pretty refreshing, doesn’t it? Although I have to admit, I like your philosophy about calories not counting on the weekend!

      • Julia Lund says:

        Just enjoying a G and T now as I pack away my writing for the day. My weekends start on Friday lunchtime and end Tuesday evening- the joys of part time working. Come to think of it though, perhaps my theory of calorie-free weekends (mine being so long) explains why my waistline never seems to shrink 😉

  10. I’m happy that you’re okay, Kate. Not the best way to start a new week, but I suppose there’s never a good time for an accident.

  11. macjam47 says:

    Kate, I’m glad you’re okay. As for the battle of the bulge, ugh, I hear ya. Think positive thoughts. Dorritios are corn; therefore, dorritos are veggies.

  12. Ouch about the car accident. Wonderful no-one was hurt. These happen to the best of us. One is plenty in a lifetime.
    I think it’s hilarious about the furniture. I hate putting bookcases together let alone patio furniture. Ugh.
    Just two more day till the weekend.<3 ❤ ❤

    • Kate Loveton says:

      I love Thursday nights because I know Friday night is just around the corner! Bring on the weekend!

      Mr. Loveton and I have put bookcases together. It was not a pretty sight. The bookcases turned out well… but there was a lot of swearing going on – and talk of divorce! 😀

      Have a lovely weekend, Tess! ❤

  13. Well; I, for one, think that if someone gives the impression that they are about to reduce speed and make a right turn, they should jolly-well reduce speed and make that right turn and deal with the route correction in a side-road or someone’s drive; or they should face the consequences of not doing what they gave the distinct impression that they were about to do. Taking their pique out on an unsuspecting Sonata, or any other musical piece, is simply not acceptable.
    Tell her that, next time you see her. Let’s see her try to wriggle out of that one; HA!

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Keith, you crack me up! I love the line about the “unsuspecting Sonata, or any other musical piece” – 😀 😀

      Actually, I hope to never see (or hear from) my new friend again. That would be the best outcome!

  14. Oh I loved that one. Let your mind wander off without you, and look! It made it’s own way home. I too share the battle of the bulge. Ever since coming back from Paris last November, I have been trying, trying, trying. Weeks and weeks of plateau. Not only lost my metabolism, assuming I had one in the first place, but a good deal of my mojo since “that” time in a woman’s life. But guess what! Finally starting to wear smaller clothes, and people are commenting as if it happened overnight. In your money, my average loss was 7-8 ounces a week. very frustrating, but adds up over time. No time right now for daily exercise, back on the wine too, so all in danger at the moment with so much going on, but I feel so good, I will get back on the plan within the next month. Perseverance! One of the biggest things for me is being able to feel my ribs again. I am even aware of them in my sleep! (what’s that you say? Too much information?)

    • Kate Loveton says:

      Perhaps the food and wine is so good in Paris that your metabolism decided to stay. Is your metabolism named “Fifi” per chance?

      I was complaining to my husband about the slow weight loss. He said pretty much the same as you: it takes time and it will eventually come off. (Easy for him to say, he’s a man!) 😀

  15. Kate I’m happy to read you were not hurt, it does make you more cautious, which is not a bad thing. Kath.

  16. Great prattle Kate. Very entertaining. Hope your Sonata gets better.

    • Kate Loveton says:

      I think it must be feeling better. It called me today and asked me to bring in some auto magazines containing a pin-up of a sleek car with sexy chassis and lots of ‘junk in its trunk.’ (oh dear.)

      Who knew cars could get so worked up over magazines? I’ve got it on good authority that Car & Driver magazine is my car’s version of Playboy.

  17. Mark Gardner says:

    Oh Kate! I’m glad you were okay from your vehicular encounter!

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