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The Things That Matter

This is a little story about big things ~ the things in life that seem (to me) most important.  I wrote this story three years ago in answer to a challenge by Keith Channing to write a story based on … Continue reading

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This is a repost of an old story while I am on holiday.  I wrote ‘Jolene’ about three years ago.  I saw this woman so clearly, and her good hearted generosity stayed with me.  The story was written in response … Continue reading

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Lucky to Have You

Friday was my birthday. It was nice to wake up to birthday messages from family and friends on my Facebook page. One of the nicest messages was from my sister. Never one for sentimentality, she surprised me by posting a … Continue reading

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Everyday Grace

Last week I shared my desire to write small stories about the  grace we experience in our ordinary moments. I’m working on a story about that now and I hope to link it to a connecting group of similar stories. As this past week progressed, … Continue reading

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