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Weekend Coffee Share: Friendship, Mickey Mouse, Flash Fiction & Waistlines

Hi everyone! Another weekend, and here I am, writing a Weekend Coffee Share and connecting with all of my blogger friends. How was your week? Please feel free to share. Here’s a link (here) for anyone who wants to join us … Continue reading

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Weekend Coffee Share: Sore Throats, Blindness & Dumping the ‘Shoulds’

Like an uneasy thief bungling in the dark, plundering goodies belonging to another, I find myself surreptitiously stealing a weekend just for me.  I am ‘chilling,’ as they say. Filling my weekend hours with self-indulgence and reckless, heedless nothingness. Truth … Continue reading

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Square Dancing and Captain Kirk

Well, Weekend Writing Warriors, here I am again! As usual, I am chiming in at the last minute with my Weekend Coffee Share. I hope you will forgive me for the lateness of the hour. Truth is, I worked several … Continue reading

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Weekend Coffee Share: Groundhogs, Girl Scouts & Stephen King

Can it really be the weekend already?  Seems like I just posted last weekend’s coffee share.  Time goes by much too quickly for my liking. Having said that, I’ll now backtrack.  When it comes to winter, time cannot pass quickly enough for this … Continue reading

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Weekend Coffee Share: Pleasure in the Little Things

It’s Sunday night and, admittedly, I’m getting to Nerd in the Brain’s ‘Weekend Coffee Share’  (here)  little late. I hope a newcomer can be forgiven. So, gentle readers, how was your weekend? Mine was rather nice – a mix of … Continue reading

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Lucky to Have You

Friday was my birthday. It was nice to wake up to birthday messages from family and friends on my Facebook page. One of the nicest messages was from my sister. Never one for sentimentality, she surprised me by posting a … Continue reading

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Everyday Grace

Last week I shared my desire to write small stories about the  grace we experience in our ordinary moments. I’m working on a story about that now and I hope to link it to a connecting group of similar stories. As this past week progressed, … Continue reading

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Summertime… and the Living is Easy…

Hi Fellow Bloggers and Friends, It’s that time of the year that a girl wants to kick back, drink a couple of Natty Bohs, watch the Orioles, and maybe read a couple of good books. And if someone sits a … Continue reading

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Kate’s Monumental Pity Party

Today I had the mother of all pity parties! And the guest of honor? The hostess with the mostest? Yours truly, Ms. Kate Loveton. I pretty much walked around today looking as woebegone as a certain beloved A.A. Milne character. … Continue reading

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My Dad

Originally posted on Odyssey of a Novice Writer:
My Dad This is my dad. His name was James, but everyone called him ‘Jim.’ This photo was taken about five years before he died, much too young, a victim of lung…

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