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Weekend Coffee Share: Friendship, Mickey Mouse, Flash Fiction & Waistlines

Hi everyone! Another weekend, and here I am, writing a Weekend Coffee Share and connecting with all of my blogger friends. How was your week? Please feel free to share. Here’s a link (here) for anyone who wants to join us … Continue reading

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The Sully Award Winner!

Originally posted on heylookawriterfellow:
First things first: I owe everyone an apology. I was supposed to announce the winner of The Sully Award for Excellence in Writerishness last week, but the days got away from me. The reason: Easter Week.…

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Eight Simple Ideas to Inspire Your Blogging

Originally posted on Second Wind Leisure Perspectives:
Another New Year’s inspirational post? Not exactly… The blogosphere is full of inspirational New Year’s posts. And why not? It’s that time of the year to dust off the good ideas you may…

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“I’m hungry,” he cries, a mixture of snot and ice cream caked around his nose. His mother sighs and disengages a small grubby fist from her denim skirt. Spitting on a napkin, she begins to clean his little face. “Mikey, … Continue reading

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Why We Write Our Stories

This past week I took a risk and wrote a short story that I’d been thinking about for some time but had been reluctant to tackle. The story, Novocain, dealt with a subject no one likes to discuss: the sexual … Continue reading

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When Characters Come to Visit…

Over the past six months, my house has gotten a lot more crowded. At one time, our household consisted of me, my husband, and the three dachshunds. Lately, a lot of freeloaders have begun showing up. I can barely move … Continue reading

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Writing Process Blog Tour: How I Write

The lovely Audrey Dawn, she of the Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister blog, has seen fit to nominate me for participation in a ‘Writing Process Blog Meme.’ To say I find this a daunting task is an understatement.  I don’t think … Continue reading

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