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Weekend Coffee Share: Sore Throats, Blindness & Dumping the ‘Shoulds’

Like an uneasy thief bungling in the dark, plundering goodies belonging to another, I find myself surreptitiously stealing a weekend just for me.  I am ‘chilling,’ as they say. Filling my weekend hours with self-indulgence and reckless, heedless nothingness. Truth … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup Stories: G is for George

“What’s with the dog?” asked James, settling into the folding chair near his brother. Stuart brushed the lapel of his Brooks Brothers coat before answering. “I haven’t a clue. He was lying next to the casket when I arrived. Fitting, … Continue reading

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He placed a gentle kiss on top of her silvery head, then roughly wiped at his tears with the heel of his hand. “So, old girl, the doc says our journey’s over and it’s time for us to part.” His … Continue reading

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The Red Sweater

She sat on a park bench, her fingers flying about their task with sureness while her mind wrapped itself in dreams of lullabies and sweet, satiny skin. Lost in such imaginings, the young woman didn’t pay much attention to the … Continue reading

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Week 19 Flash Fiction Challenge: Princess

Princess was Flo’s dog, not mine, and too big for our apartment, which wasn’t big enough for the mice that visited. It didn’t matter. One night, after drinking and losing at cards, I went home to find I’d also lost … Continue reading

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