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Alphabet Soup Stories: G is for George

“What’s with the dog?” asked James, settling into the folding chair near his brother. Stuart brushed the lapel of his Brooks Brothers coat before answering. “I haven’t a clue. He was lying next to the casket when I arrived. Fitting, … Continue reading

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Mornings Are Hardest Dolores watched as the gray light of dawn began to filter through the bedroom curtain. Now – finally – she could give herself permission to rise from her sleepless bed. Glancing over at Dave’s side, Dolores’ heart … Continue reading

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No Such Thing as Freedom…

With grim satisfaction I received the news. At last we were free. No more dancing to your tune. No more “yes sir, no sir, anything you say, sir!” No more running for cover. No stiff upper lip while you bullied … Continue reading

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Rewriting the Past

Originally posted on Odyssey of a Novice Writer:
Yesterday, my husband and I decided to venture outside our warm and toasty house, braving buckets of rain and nasty winds to catch a showing of a film we both had been…

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My Dad

Originally posted on Odyssey of a Novice Writer:
My Dad This is my dad. His name was James, but everyone called him ‘Jim.’ This photo was taken about five years before he died, much too young, a victim of lung…

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Father’s Day

Photos of my dad and I. Seventeen years since he’s been gone. I miss him more as time goes on. ❤ Happy Father's Day to all you fine men taking an active interest in your children's lives. Any man can … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

“Do you believe in ghosts, Mimi?” asks Josh, his blue eyes curious. I love this boy, and a smile comes easily to my face. “What a question! What makes you ask?” “Mom says there’s no such thing, but I think … Continue reading

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