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The Things That Matter

This is a little story about big things ~ the things in life that seem (to me) most important.  I wrote this story three years ago in answer to a challenge by Keith Channing to write a story based on … Continue reading

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The Electrifying Dorinda

The first time I met Dorinda she was appearing in Phineas Todd’s Circus of Wonders, sporting an electric crown and tresses that danced like flames about her beautiful face. She was breathtaking, my electrified Dorinda, charming the rubes; charming me … Continue reading

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My Dad

Originally posted on Odyssey of a Novice Writer:
My Dad This is my dad. His name was James, but everyone called him ‘Jim.’ This photo was taken about five years before he died, much too young, a victim of lung…

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Father’s Day

Photos of my dad and I. Seventeen years since he’s been gone. I miss him more as time goes on. ❤ Happy Father's Day to all you fine men taking an active interest in your children's lives. Any man can … Continue reading

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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

“Do you believe in ghosts, Mimi?” asks Josh, his blue eyes curious. I love this boy, and a smile comes easily to my face. “What a question! What makes you ask?” “Mom says there’s no such thing, but I think … Continue reading

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Just Ten Minutes

Just ten minutes! Please! Waking abruptly, I’m bewildered by the light spilling through the window. What time is it, I wonder, looking past Joe to the clock on the nightstand. Nine o’clock! He’ll be late for school! Tossing on my … Continue reading

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Adelaide inhaled the calming nicotine, then tapped the cigarette against the glass rim of the ashtray. Smoking was a filthy habit and one she should give up. But not this weekend, she thought, bringing the cigarette once more to her … Continue reading

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Cruising Altitude

Joanna looked out the jet’s window as it achieved cruising altitude, enjoying briefly the fantasy of existing between two worlds. Heaven and earth. Heaven? The arbiter of her better instincts laughed. Only a fool believes heaven is for the likes of … Continue reading

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Last night I dreamed of roses. The scent was overpowering. It drew me once more to the garden. Bewildered, I stared at lush red petals. Forsaken by their caretaker, I thought they had perished. Then I saw her. Wearing that … Continue reading

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He placed a gentle kiss on top of her silvery head, then roughly wiped at his tears with the heel of his hand. “So, old girl, the doc says our journey’s over and it’s time for us to part.” His … Continue reading

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