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Wednesday Whine – Of Weather, Books & Crops

It’s Wednesday again! No wine tonight. I’m ready to settle down with something warm… hmm, perhaps a mug of cocoa with a shot of something nice in it? Am I the only one sick of winter? Gosh, how can there … Continue reading

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A Schuyler Falls Story: The Pearl

The black man stood a fair distance from the group of mourners at the gravesite.  His nervous fingers worried the soft hat in his hands. He was dressed in his Sunday best – a worn blue suit, freshly pressed. The … Continue reading

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Mysterious Ways (a Schuyler Falls Story)

I hated seeing my girl so sick. My wife and I continued to pray but it seemed God wasn’t listening. How could He be so unfair, bringing this sorrow into our lives once more? Wasn’t losing our first-born hard enough? … Continue reading

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Lucky Lisa

“Careful, sweetheart,” said Niles, helping her from the car. “Dr. Mendez said you should take things slow.” Clinging to her husband’s arm, Lisa forced a smile. After twelve months, the doctors had pronounced her cured and released her from the … Continue reading

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Week Twenty-Two Flash Fiction Challenge: Signs

For the fifth time in two weeks, Isabel Perkins awakened in a cold sweat. Next to her, Chicklet, her chihuahua, made a whining noise. She looked at the clock, sighing. It wasn’t quite five. Knowing she’d never get back to … Continue reading

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Week 21 Flash Fiction Challenge: Second Chances

Ella poked through the items on the sale table at the Assembly of God charity drive. Her fingers came to rest finally on an old yellow cookbook. Smiling at the title, ‘Recipes from Yesteryear,’ she nudged her sister. “Look, Evelyn… remember?” Evelyn … Continue reading

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Things You Wish You’d Known

There’s an old saying: once a whore always a whore. I guess that’s so. Too bad I didn’t pay notice to that when the time came, but you know how it is – it’s just one of those things you … Continue reading

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Week 19 Flash Fiction Challenge: Princess

Princess was Flo’s dog, not mine, and too big for our apartment, which wasn’t big enough for the mice that visited. It didn’t matter. One night, after drinking and losing at cards, I went home to find I’d also lost … Continue reading

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Week 18 Flash Fiction Challenge: Jolene

Jolene wasn’t like other girls’ mothers. When she’d pick me up from Windsor Academy, her pink Cadillac drew their notice. Safe inside silver-hued BMWs, their disapproval was a palpable thing. Long blond hair, tanned skin, heavily mascaraed-eyes, Jolene stood out … Continue reading

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Week 17 Flash Fiction Challenge: Miracle Night

Seeing an opportunity to run, Moody took it, quickly walking away from the prison work-detail at the construction site. Now his pale face was on TV screens across the state. He was a loser; hadn’t his father always said so? He’d … Continue reading

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