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Sleeper on the Loose!

I grew up on sci-if books and movies.  I love ’em!  It was great fun, then, for me to take a writing challenge and fashion a sci-if tale from it.  This story was written several years ago.  I hope you … Continue reading

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Swinging on the Stars

Would you like to swing on a star? Carry moonbeams home in a jar And be better off than you are… The two of us drifted lazily in the shared beams of an unfamiliar moon. The solar system where our … Continue reading

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Sleeper on the Loose

“What do you mean we’ve got a Sleeper on the loose? Christ, Lowenstein, how the hell did that happen?” I sighed and ran a hand through my short purple hair. “Look, if I knew the answer to that question, do … Continue reading

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Week Twenty-four Flash Fiction Challenge: Wormwood

I was holding the file when Walt entered my office. “Doug, you’re not dressed! C’mon, man, it’s time to go!” Walt looked like he’d stepped out of the early 1960s: crew cut, black-framed glasses, dark suit, a thin blue tie. … Continue reading

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Week Twenty-three Flash Fiction Challenge: Life Ain’t Fair

“There’s not supposed to be life on this planet!” exclaimed Riley. “Yeah, well, guess what?” replied Hunter. “The suits at NASA got it wrong – this thing proves it.” The two astronauts stared at the life form clinging to the … Continue reading

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