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This is a repost of an old story while I am on holiday.  I wrote ‘Jolene’ about three years ago.  I saw this woman so clearly, and her good hearted generosity stayed with me.  The story was written in response … Continue reading

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Alphabet Soup Stories: G is for George

“What’s with the dog?” asked James, settling into the folding chair near his brother. Stuart brushed the lapel of his Brooks Brothers coat before answering. “I haven’t a clue. He was lying next to the casket when I arrived. Fitting, … Continue reading

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Monsters Under the Bed

Ever since she was a little girl, Isabel Perkins worried there were monsters under her bed. It didn’t matter that Mama and Papa would get down on their knees, peek beneath the ruffled edge of the flowered bedspread, and assure … Continue reading

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