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Wednesday Whine: Potpourri

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Or as we say in the United States, “Happy Hump Day!”  Those of you who live outside the U.S. may not be familiar with the term; I’ll let you draw your own conclusions as to its meaning. Makes it … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

America. England. Communication between natives of these two countries should be simple, we speak the same language after all. Well, not quite it would seem. Not that I want to get into a pissing contest about it, but us Brits … Continue reading

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Ode to Johnny Sunset

He was six foot four, and mean and trim He had a scar which traveled eye to chin Carrot hair with eyes blue ice But the ladies thought him mighty nice All aflutter, they’d gather round And welcome Johnny Sunset … Continue reading

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What I Learned During my Blog-Free Vacation

“Okay, boys and girls, shut up and face the front of the room. Class is about to begin.” After a week’s vacation, it was our first day back to blogging at Saint WordPress Academy. The threatening demeanor of the much … Continue reading

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Why We Write Our Stories

This past week I took a risk and wrote a short story that I’d been thinking about for some time but had been reluctant to tackle. The story, Novocain, dealt with a subject no one likes to discuss: the sexual … Continue reading

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Declare Your Independence from Misery and Do the Rest of Us a Favor

This post is for you.  Yeah, that’s right:  YOU. Okay, not ALL of you. Let me re-phrase. This post is for those of you determined to live your lives as if they are still life studies in moodiness and despair. … Continue reading

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When Characters Come to Visit…

Over the past six months, my house has gotten a lot more crowded. At one time, our household consisted of me, my husband, and the three dachshunds. Lately, a lot of freeloaders have begun showing up. I can barely move … Continue reading

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The Summer of Nancy Drew

It had been the summer of Nancy Drew mysteries and the slow, fond farewell to her collection of Barbie dolls. She was almost eleven, just at that age when a young girl is caught between childhood fancies and pre-teen yearnings. … Continue reading

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Writing Process Blog Tour: How I Write

The lovely Audrey Dawn, she of the Oldest Daughter Redheaded Sister blog, has seen fit to nominate me for participation in a ‘Writing Process Blog Meme.’ To say I find this a daunting task is an understatement.  I don’t think … Continue reading

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I’m So Pleased!

Earlier this week, I received word from Sarah Findlay (Geek With A Pen) that my story, “Mornings Are Hardest,” has been chosen for inclusion in her upcoming one-off zine, “Silver Glass,” a literary and arts zine centered around the theme of … Continue reading

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